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Hashtags 101

This *new and improved* 101 Guide is eleven pages packed full of quite literally ~everything~ you could ever want to know about hashtags on Instagram.

Based on my decade of social media experience, this guide will help you understand the different kinds of hashtag, how they can be used to build out a kick-ass social media strategy, show you how to gauge their effectiveness and more.

Optional game: eat a piece of chocolate every time this guide says ‘hashtag’.  …Actually, don’t do that. Unless you really like chocolate.

From hashtag types, to how to build a hashtag strategy, to how to measure their effectiveness – this guide has it all. It gives real-life screenshots and examples from my own account, making it easy to follow.

Anyone looking to better understand the ever-mysterious hashtag. This 101 Guide is perfect for beginners – no jargon over here! Equally, if you’re a seasoned social professional looking to brush up on hashtags, this will work for you too.

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