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Hey sis!

Here’s the tea: creative marketing isn’t a one-strategy-fits-all kind of thing.

I know how frustrating it can be trying to keep up with everything you’re already doing in your business, and on top of all that, still have the time to post on social media, create fresh trending content, reach out to influencers, *and* keep your brand thriving online. Honestly, I’m exhausted just typing that.

That’s where Sorella Creative (that’s me! ☻) helps you keep all those things under control and under one roof. 

Social Media

I live and breathe all things social media. No seriously, it’s a lifestyle at this point. New Instagram update? I’m already on it. Emerging social trends? You *know* I’m all over them. I use 8+ years of knowledge to build tailored kick-ass organic social media strategies for businesses.

Want to grow your following? Convert your followers to customers? Raise brand awareness? Sounds good to me! Hand your social(s) over to me with the peace of mind I’ll elevate your brand, cutting through the noise, and allow you to get back to doing what you do best… being a bo$$.

Influencer Marketing

Your target audience and potential customers are looking to influencers to guide their purchasing decisions – but which influencers are right for your brand? Which kinds of content perform the strongest? How the *heck* are you supposed to find the time to liaise and negotiate with influencers and their agencies!? 

Whether you’re at the small-scale microinfluencer gifting stage, or ready to invest into a full-scale VIP influencer campaign, I’ll establish a strategy to help you smash your goals. I’ll handle the whole thing from start to finish, so you can breathe a sigh of relief. Feels good, hey?

Graphic Design

Mac & cheese, Monica & Chandler, me & piña coladas. “What do all these things have in common?” I hear you cry. Well, they’re a match made in heaven, just like brand identity and graphic content.

From stories to feed posts to Instagram highlights, I’ll take care of communicating your brand through engaging and on-brand social visuals every step of the way.

Content Creation

Ever heard someone say “content is queen”? If not, get ready to hear it a *lot*, because it’s a phrase I swear by. The content your business posts represents not only your products or services, but your whole brand.

Whether you need creative product photography, still and video content optimised for social, campaign content to tell a story, or even live social media event coverage, I can totally do that. I work alongside a team of talented photographers & videographers to create visual magic to take your brand content to the next level.

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