I'm so glad you're here ☻

I’m Soph.

I like nostalgic TV shows, putting way too much black pepper on my food, and wearing rings on almost every finger. And I love social media.

I’ve built holistic social media strategies for some of the biggest names in ecommerce, travelled the world shooting social-led content, and trained & mentored social media teams. I’ve been living and breathing all things social for 10 years now. It’s kind of my thing, and I want to help make it yours, too!

Think of me as your internet big sister.

Whatever you’re working on, it’s pretty much a given that I’ve been there, done that and made a few mistakes along the way. You can rely on me to: spill the latest social goss over a cuppa, teach you without feeling like you’re being taught, and take the stress out of all things social media.

Because that’s what sisters are for.

Value #1


I’m all about open and honest communication, where feedback is encouraged.

Value #2


Expect invites for drinks, check-ins with how you’re getting on, and shout-outs on social.

Value #3


I live by Mr Harry Styles’ golden rule in both business and life – treat people with kindness.

Quiz & Tell

1. You’ll find me binge watching…


B) Gilmore Girls

Team jess!

D) Arrested Development

C) Gossip Girl

2. A pinch-me moment from my career:

Flying to L.A. to shoot social content at the Kourtney Kardashian X PLT launch. And yes, she *is* perfect IRL.

3. Someday I’d love to…

See Japan in cherry blossom season.

4. Something only my BFFs know:

I collect Goosebumps books!

5. My life motto is…

Happiness is an inside job.

6. My death row meal:

Calamari + seaweed salad.

7. My drink of choice…

A) Iced oat chai

B) Green tea

C) Negroni

D) Aperol Spritz

8. The TV character I’m most like:

I like to think I’m a healthy mix of April Ludgate and Leslie Knope. LOL.

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