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Custom Social Media Strategy

You know the power of a kickass social media strategy, *but* you want the whole thing taken off your hands and built for you. That’s where I can help.

I’ll get to know you and your business, and build you a customised 360 degree social media strategy covering all your business goals. I’ll pull on my decade of experience managing social media accounts for some of the biggest global e-commerce names, and I’ll deliver a strategy that WILL work for you and your business.

Psssst… like the sound of demystifying your social media strategy, but on a bit of a budget and looking for more of a DIY approach? Say less.

Once you purchase this Custom Social Media Strategy, I will drop you an e-mail to say hello and get started. I’ll book an initial call* at a time to suit you so that you can tell me more about yourself and your business. I’ll get started on your strategy, and have a second follow up call mid-way through to check in and align on everything, and then you can leave your strategy with me. I’ll send it back to you fully completed and ready for use, and I’ll also jump on a third and final call to run you through everything and answer any questions.

The strategy I deliver will be jam-packed with everything you need to make your social media work for you. A non-exhaustive list of sections included:

☞ SWOT Analysis – to audit your current social presence.
☞ Audience Analysis – to delve into your current audience.
☞ Competitor Analysis – to analyse the performance of other industry names.
☞ Goal Setting – to determine the “why” behind your strategy.
☞ Content Pillars – to determine the “how” behind your strategy.
☞ Content & Planning – to give you a tangible and manageable way to get started.
☞ Measuring & Evolution – to set KPIs to allow you to monitor performance.

*If you’re a busy bee and need to communicate via email instead, I can accommodate.

If you’re posting on any social media channels with a goal in mind, you *need* a strategy. I’ve built strategies for businesses, personal brands and influencers – so nothing is off the table! Whether you already have a presence on social and are looking for some direction, or whether you’re just starting out, I can help.

This Custom Social Media Strategy applies to ONE social media channel of your choice e.g. Instagram, TikTok, Facebook. If you’re unsure which channel(s) you need strategy for, please drop me a message, I’d love to advise! If you’d like a strategy building for multiple channels, simply add multiple of this product to the basket.

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