2022 Social Media Calendar

No need for frantic Googling to find out what’s happening RN. Our Sorella Creative 2022 Social Media Calendar has over 90 national days and cultural events to help you plan your social content in advance – oh, and we included relevant hashtags too. You’re totally welcome.


2022 Social Media Calendar


This nifty little calendar is jam-packed with relevant cultural dates, with everything from #NationalLipstickDay to the Met Gala. If you run a social media account for your business, you’re going to want to use this calendar. Trust us.

☞ over 90 key social media dates for your business’ calendar with their respective hashtags

☞ this is the same calendar we use to plan our *own* content

☞ not only is it useful, it’s also super cute (biased much?)


The boring bit:
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